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How It All Began...

Wease Equipment, Inc. is a company founded in June 2010.  


Their humble beginnings started as an authorized AaLadin Cleaning Systems distributor, selling AaLadin hot and cold water pressure washers from the bed of founder Aaron Wease's pickup truck.  


A short time later, a small building was leased and quality employees were hired.  


March 2011, we launched our tractor-trailer repair division.  


In January 2012, our company began planning a new facility, ground breaking followed in May and we moved in to our present location in October of 2012.  


Beginning in 2013, we started our body shop refinishing division.  


As of 2016, we started our blasting division, offering soda and dust free blasting.  


Our growth has been exciting, however, it could not have been possible without our valuable teammates and their commitment to quality!

Wease Equipment Showroom
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